We are an multidisciplinary studio dedicated to branding that offers a global service in design and communication through a huge variety of media, from print to motion. Founded in 2000, Fl˙or Studio Design Advisors starts a new stage in 2013 in witch seeks to follow the needs of a continually evolving market, by being closer to the customer and advising him.

2013 presents itself as the symbolic year of change, because it marks a shift in the studio philosophy. That is reflected in our own discrete identity and communication, because is always the costumer who must shine. We are focused on communication design and facing a model of experimentation and customer advice: Fl˙or Studio Design Advisors is a studio where we think, experience, advise and accomplish.

To ensure that we always design a exceptional and unparalleled solution for a specific project, because each one is unique, we investigated the background of every client and their goals. We collect the necessary information to define what are the values to explore and what elements can make the difference and should be communicated.

Our team, along with the client, defines the principles that should be enhanced, such as his personality, values and business philosophy.

In a partnership perspective, through this brainstorming between the team and the client, we achieve the "advice" that best fits with the project and solution.